Monday, February 27, 2017

WINE ENTHUSIAST: 91 Points for Hudson-Chatham Winery Baco Noir! Highest Rated in North America (NY)

In the March 2017 issue of Wine Enthusiast, Hudson-Chatham Winery received some stellar reviews for their wines, Their Baco Noir Middlehope obtains a score of 91 points! That makes Hudson-Chatham Middlehope the highest rated Baco Noir in North America! Although the Hudson-Chatham Baco Noir Old Vines and Baco Noir Casccles Vineyards would also have qualified with their 88s!!!  

Baco Noir is made in New York, New England, the Niagara region, and Oregon. Many Oregon Baco Noirs have achieved excellent scores as well as those from the Niagara region, 

Hudson-Chatham's Pinot Noir received an excellent score - 90 Points! This makes Hudson-Chatham's Pinot among the highest rated in New York state!

A great showing for the Hudson Valley winery!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Adirondack Applejack Cinnamon! (NY)

Hudson Valley Distillers started out small, but each month they seem to be expanding more and more. I fully expect the burgeoning distillery to control the bottom half of Columbia County before year's end! Their line of whiskies, their gin and their vodka, have all been stellar and well recieved.

Recently, they released a new little ditty! Adirondack Applejack Cinnamon!!! Hudson Valley makes an exceptional, bourbon like Applejack, like a big, baked apple covered in caramel!!!

Now, with this new one, it's almost like eating a big baked apple pie with a load of cinnamon. What I really like bout this new elixir is that while the Fireball whiskies of the world are super-heating their whiskies with cinnamon flavor, sometimes to the point of turning it into Lavoris (the long vanished mouthwash), this whisky has a oft apple flavor that is complimented by the cinnamon, not overpowered by it. It's made by a couple of couples, Tom and Chris, the partners, and their wives Jen and Jennifer (who are fantastic), has show mature, adult restraint, in adding jut enough so you notice it, but not so much that you can't cleanse your mouth of it.

A lovely, lovely dram!!!!!

Harvest Spirits Featured in Popular Mechanics (NY)

Harvest Spirits in Valatie, NY is among my favorite craft distillers in the Hudson Valley and Derek Grout and Peter Upstill are some of my favorite people in distilling. Harvest Spirits has been one of the most vocal and proficient voices and exceptional distillers of Applejack and helping to bring it back as a popular whisky in America.

Here's a righteous article published in the November 2016 issue of Popular Mechanics about the distillery and about the comeback Applejack has made in the last 5-10 years! Great job and congratulations!